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Yoga should be about YOU and YOUR practice!

Greene Soul Yoga offers a unique experience in Your Yoga Your Way.

Whether you live here in the Bradenton / Sarasota area or you are visiting one of our white sand beaches.  Whether you are new to Yoga or have been practicing for many years.  Whether you prefer a meditative experience or a flowing workout.  We create the experience you desire.

You tell us what you want, starting with the location you would like us to meet you on the mat, the poses you love, the type of music you prefer, and so on.

While we aren't magicians and we can't guarantee all your wishes will be granted, we can ensure a practice that is uniquely yours and unforgettable.

Perfect for:

  • New students too nervous to head to the studio 

  • Vacationers looking for a special memory (yes, we will even snap some photos of that perfect beach pose for you)

  • The Bride with her tribe, breathing and stretching away the pre-wedding day stresses and jitters (we will make sure to include some of the lucky couples favorite songs)

  • Girls Night Out (you bring the wine, but don't forget to share)

  • Couples looking for a fun, healthy way to interact together

  • Anyone who has ever taken a class and walked away saying "that was great, but I would have loved ...." Let's make it happen!

  • Busy mama's who want to have yoga but need to keep an eye on the little one at the same time

Let's Chat about Your Perfect Yoga Experience, just fill out the form on this page to be contacted or give us a call to receive a quote and to work out all the details to customize the practice just for you.


Greene Soul Yoga only offers professional services.   Please do not request anything that could not take place in public, anything that is illegal, or anything you wouldn't do in front of your mother ;)  For the safety and comfort of our instructors, only pubic locations will be utilized when working with students of the opposite gender.  Greene Soul Yoga reserves the right to decline services to any client or potential client for any reason.


Thanks! Message sent.

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