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Poolside Yoga-Yoga Your Way at Your Pool!

I love doing yoga by my pool! Why? Because it is my space. I can wear what I want, play the music I like, enjoy the view of the pool and yard I work to take care of, I can do it in the morning when it is cool or I can opt for true under the sun HOT yoga in the FL afternoon. It's yoga my way, that day!

I offer a service called YoGo that allows you too to have this amazing at home experience of Yoga by your pool! You tell me what sort of yoga instruction you enjoy from gentle to power or even just breaking down your favorite poses to master. You tell me your genre of music you like to practice to and I will bring the perfect playlist, or better yet, you play your music that speaks to YOU! You decide when I come based on your schedule and the temperatures you enjoy most. You know what else is great? After your practice and a beautiful savasana, you don't have to drive anywhere; you can go about your day, take a swim, have your cup of joe or glass of wine, whatever your heart desires! YoGo Poolside is perfect for small groups of friends or couples as well!

Vacationing in a condo with a pool the Bradenton/Sarasota area? I am happy to serve you as well, simply contact me by phone or through the contact page on the Greene Soul Yoga website to work out the details!

Let's meet on the mat (by the pool)!

Poolside is a perfect place to practice Yoga.  Your Yoga, Your Way, at Your Pool!
Poolside Yoga in Bradenton FL

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