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Who are the Greenes Anyway?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Greene Soul Yoga is an extension of one of my life passions, sharing yoga. My biggest life passion though is my family, let me tell you a little about us so if you choose to engage in my blog and the Greene Soul Journey to Living Life More you will know who you are on the journey with!

Growing up in a small town in rural Iowa two young people crossed paths in a high school hallway, and the rest is history, well not exactly, the rest is our journey, some of it feels long ago like ancient history and much of it is yet to be discovered.

My name is Jenny, I do most of the documenting of our journey that we share with you. We hope you will get to know us through our blog!!

But, the basics are this. I am a yoga instructor and owner of Greene Soul Yoga as well as I have worked remotely with the same company for over 13 years in an administrative position. I enjoy beaches, writing, studying all things yoga, and spending time with friends and family. I married my high school, sweetheart, Adam, in 1996.

We were young, poor, and wildly naive. We started our family in 1998 and over the next 7 years had three healthy boys to round out the Greene family.

We have lived in Iowa, Colorado, and now Florida (so far). We tend to be dreamers and calculated risk-takers.

Adam has built a very successful career in the construction world and is currently on his own journey to the next phase of his career by working on a bachelor's degree in International Business. Adam dreams of traveling the world and living internationally someday.

Adam and I are vastly different from one another, but somehow it works. It is like we fill each other's empty spaces and together we feel more whole. To journey through life with someone who's dreams, thought processes, and sometimes even beliefs differ from yours can be a true challenge. We have had to learn about communication, compromise, and compassion in order to make our marriage work.

We believe a Green(e) Soul is one that is kept fresh and full of life through consistent growth as it meets the challenges of life. The journey of a Greene Soul is organic in that it isn't overly planned out or overly restrictive, but rather it is open to experiencing life fully from the present moment. We believe everyone has a soul, a light in them, and the soul, just as the body and mind, needs to be nourished and cared for. We believe that by listening to one's inner wisdom and following their divine path, they nourish the soul.

We share our Greene Soul Journey in hopes that others will find encouragement to follow their dreams and create their best life while nourishing their whole being.

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