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A Poem for my Sons

Updated: May 18, 2022

I was the first one to believe you are amazing.

I cried for joy when you made your grand entrance.

I picked you up when you fell, helped you brush off, and encouraged you to try again.

I held your hand and promised to love you forever.

I was there for your biggest moments.

I have been your biggest and loudest cheerleader.

I taught you what I knew, even the things I didn't mean to.

I was there in your lowest moments and loved you anyway.

Broken dreams, broken hearts, even broken bones, I have helped to mend.

When you've hurt, I hurt and when you've rejoiced, so have I.

The times you've wished I were gone or that you could leave me - I've stood and stayed.

You can try to change me, replace me, or forget me, but I will always be a part of you.

I'll never abandon you, forget about you, or stop believing in you.

I was the first girl you smiled at, the first girl you kissed and the first girl you loved.

I am forever grateful God chose me to be your mom.

*Written by Jenny Greene for my Sons - Caleb, Josh, Adam Jr.*

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