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Don't Miss the Cue

As a yoga instructor, I encourage my students to not miss the cue’s throughout the practice, to sense the shift. The cue from the body for the opportunity to dive deeper into a pose, the cue from the mind to pull the focus more inward and remain present, the cue from the emotions to take the opportunity to let go of those old stories and experiences that don’t serve us anymore.

In life you also must look for opportunities and not miss the cues for your next adventure, and that is exactly what Adam has done. Working within the construction industry provides many opportunities to meet people from all different places. In the last year he has been working with and become friends with a gentleman from Cuba. Early in their conversations, Adam mentioned his desire to visit this mans homeland, and nonchalantly this man offered up “you should come with me sometime.” Of course, Adam wasn’t sure how serious he was, but as he continued to get to know his new friend, he kept that possibility in mind and that conversation open.

A few months later, tickets are booked and arrangements being made for Adam to go as a guest to a county he has only dreamed of visiting and in his favorite way, not as a tourist in a posh resort, but where he can interact with the locals and see how they live. Stay tuned for more on that adventure!

But see, life is like that, the Universe/God always opening doors, providing the opportunity for something beautiful or that you have been asking for… everything from a reason to smile to an unexpected adventure. How often are we too busy, too distracted and miss the cue? I love this about yoga, it offers us a time to “practice” connecting to our bodies, ourselves, and our higher being which prepares us to connect to all of those things when we are off our mats, making life a much richer and fulfilling experience, tuned into the subtle cues all around us, beckoning us to take on our own Live Life More Journey.

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