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Your heart is more than a vessel that pumps blood and keeps you alive, it is where the core of your being is. If you believe in a creator, as we do, then you can understand that a creator usually creates with a purpose. We believe you and I and every human was created unique, on purpose, with a purpose. Yes, even those who were unplanned by their human parents, were not a surprise to the one who created them ultimately.

Your heart talks to you, if you listen. From it there is a still and small voice that guides you at different times. Sometimes as the form of your ‘conscious’, other times as a ‘gut check’, sometimes it leads you to ‘love’, but it is always guiding you toward who you were meant to be, if you will listen. When you listen and then take action you are on your way to your own Live Life More Journey.

For us personally this beating of our hearts is something that keeps us from staying too long in one place. It isn’t the same for everyone, the scale and scope is different and the journey includes different things for each of us. We know that when we get the itch, the urge, the uncomfortable feeling that things are too comfortable, that for us it is time to move on and explore new things in the world. Sometimes that looks like travel, sometimes a move, sometimes a job change, a change in routine, or even just rearranging the living room. What we have learned is that when you ignore the heart you are left longing and making excuses for why your heart is wrong and your mind is right.

In general it seems to us that our experience has shown that the mind is logical and works to protect you and offer you stability.

As we have followed our heart each time it has been scary, exciting, even exhilarating, and it has cost us something, often something dear to us, but it has always been worth it.

What is your heart saying? We hope you will take some time to quiet your mind, and do it regularly so that you can begin to listen to your heart more. Let it tell you what your made for, what your Live Life More Journey entails.

We just started a new year, this is the perfect time to not just write some resolutions that sound good as a list of to-do’s, but to explore what the heart wants and make a plan to start movement in that direction. You will find when you step onto the path of your purpose, doors will open and your journey will flow.

As of Jan 1 there was a 365 page book to be written, what will yours say?

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