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Make Peace with it All

Time moves forward always, and spares us nothing,

We can’t stop its motion, can’t change its trajectory;

Always moving Forward.

Love slows the momentum, and offers moments,

Timestamps we can recall, memories to hold on to;

Slowing the Momentum.

Hope brings light into dark places, illuminating;

Creates dreams and lifts the spirit.

Illuminating the Dark.

Fear quickens the pulse, pulls us apart,

Lies to keep our minds racing, worries that distract;

Pulling us Apart.

Peace passes the understanding, eludes most,

But when we touch it, we are put back together.

You see, time is Always moving Forward,

Love helps slow the momentum.

Hope illuminates the Dark.

While fear of losing love and hope can slowly pull us apart.

The only choice is to make peace with it all,

Then we may be put back together, whole.

Written by Jenny Greene

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